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Welcome to Cestrian Bowl IX

Hi lads,

Welcome to the new Cestrian Bowl mini-site. This site will replace the Facebook page moving forward, it’s becoming clear that not as many are active on Facebook as they used to be and this will give us a central place for everyone to have access to what’s going on.

The purpose of this page is to keep everyone up to date with how all of the leagues are operating and to provide a platform for anyone who wants to share NFL Fantasy news / betting tips etc. It’s open format so if anyone would like to write an article just send it over and I will publish it.

Over the next couple of weeks we will start pulling together what this years divisions will look like. This is always dependent on the number of players we are able to get… the magic number is 32 so please let me know if you have anyone that would like to join.

As a number of you are aware we tragically lost one of the original members of our group this summer, Ben Pugh. I think it’s appropriate that we should remember him once the season is up and running and have a few ideas which will be shared in the coming weeks.



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