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The Proposed Evolution of The Cestrian Bowl

Hi lads,

Sorry it has taken a while to pull this all together but I’m in peak work season at the moment so time is scarce. I’m currently writing this in a portacabin in a field so sorry for the poor grammar / spelling mistakes.

As suggested on the group over the last few days it feels like the league and players have evolved quite substantially over the last 2 years and we’ve played with various formats to try and keep it fun and entertaining but… The standard has increased each year and it feels like there is more parity so it’s time for a change.

I’ve spoken with a few people to get their steer on this and I think there is a way for us to move the league on and start to align with the NFL and their scheduling. The new proposal also means we will have on Ultimate Champion each year and that person will absolutely and undoubtably be worthy of the trophy we bought last year.

Anyway, this is how I proposed we move the league forward for 2021

1. There will be 24 entrants into this year competition. This group will be made up of players from last years competition and all will be entered into a draft for the 2021 season.

2. Next Monday evening (30th August) at 20:00 at Hickory’s Chester we will randomly draft the 24 names into 2 leagues of 12 - The AFC and the NFC. At this stage we will also sort the draft order.

3. On Monday 7th August at 20:00 both leagues will draft simultaneously.

4. The 2 leagues will run in parallel to each other with both providing a League Champion in week 15.

5. In week 16 the AFC and NFC Champions will playoff in the Cestrian Bowl to determine who is the overall winner.

6. It’s very possible that both teams will have some similar players and that’s fine, but… I will manually work with the 2 teams on the final weekend of the season to ensure that they have their line ups set at the right time. The team that cumulates the most points in week 16 will be the Cestrian Bowl Champion and join the illustrious list of pervious winners.

This does mean the end of Promotion and Relegation, it also means that the original top tier will be disbanded and every year 2 randomly selected divisions will be created. I hope that this means a lot of us can play against people they haven’t been able to so in previous years.

This also means every single player starts the season with the chance to win it all... something we have never had in our leagues before.

If we are all good for this, I’ll do some more work on the details of what the playoffs will look like etc.

Let me know what you think boys, any questions ask and any suggestions please fire it over.



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