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And just like that the 2021 Fantasy Football Season draws to a close; 2 Leagues, 17 Weeks, 24 players, 204 Games, 42,636.68 points scored, and we finally have our winner!

Congratulations to Tony Brett-Roberts and Turn Down for Watt who held off a late Monday Night Surge to be crowned this year’s NFC and Cestrian Bowl IX Champion! A huge well done also goes to Jon Shain who was the AFC Champion and overall runner up.

Our Bowl Game winners and losers were:

Nearly Man Bowl – Andy Jones (Call of Jeudy)

Wild Card Bowl – Adam Cartwright (Brussel Wilson)

Commissioners Shield – Anthony Probyn (Giants Rule)

No Man’s Land Bowl – Si Rothwell (Fields of Dreams)

Loser Bowl – Nick Feldman (Darth Raiders)

The Final standings for this year’s competition are detailed below and includes each team’s playoff performance and total points scored over 17 weeks. A huge shout out goes to Andy Jones who managed to accumulate 2022.22 points over the 17 weeks which translates to a weekly average of 118.95 a spectacular effort by anyone’s standards.

Over the next week or two we’ll be sending out a short survey so that you can nominate people for some end of Season Awards, nothing serious but a bit of fun as normal. We will also try to arrange a time that works for everyone to meet up for a few drinks and the Trophy Presentation. It’s likely going to have to be a different weekend to Super Bowl this year as I’m in LA and don’t want to miss welcoming Tony to the club.

This year has been by far the most successful we have had since the league started with 8 of us way back in 2013. The standard of play has been excellent and the way that everyone has played each week with full line ups until the very last game has been great to watch.

Thank you to everyone for playing, I’m looking forward to regular sleep resuming and no more late nights praying for Monday Night Miracles.


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