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After 16 weeks of waiver panic, line up adjustments and covid ruining our rosters we have whittled down 24 competitors into 4 potential Champions. Congratulations to Andrew Probyn, Tony Brett-Roberts, Martin Butcher and Jon Shain who have made it to their respective league and the overall Cestrian Bowl Final. The participants for the inaugural Commissioners Shield are Ash Youd, Chris Boyd, Ben Hughes and Anthony Probyn.

The 4 Finalists will play in 2 competitions consecutively. Firstly, each league will have a Championship game between its top 2 teams with the winner of that individual match being the NFC or AFC Champion and winning £150. Secondly and most importantly whichever team ends up with the highest score between the 4 finalists will be crowned the overall and 9th Cestrian Bowl Champion and will win an additional £150.

To keep everyone with something to play for in week 17 we have a few mini competitions running. You will notice on the app that you’ve been assigned a game for this week against someone to de determine league placings (eg 3rd place game). You will be playing this game against an in-league opponent and following the format we are using for the final you will be playing against 2 teams from the other league simultaneously. Once this weekend’s games are finished, we will use the rankings from these mini finals to create an overall ranking for the 24 teams who have participated this year. Hopefully this gives everyone a reason to get waivers in tonight and play against some new / old rivals in the last week, if you want to set up a small wager between you.. go for it!

The Bowl names for this week are detailed below so good luck trying to win your match up and thanks to everyone for playing this season.

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